WWF - World Wildlife Fund, Canon and Jyllands Posten in Denmark arranged a photo competition and exhibition in 2006 “Water give life”.

35 of 3000 photos were selected for an exhibition that toured the country.

This was one of them:


Nikon Small World Competition, exhibition in The Explorers Club in New York.

Winner of the category “Honorable Mention”, 21st place overall.


Naturama photo exhibition “Shoot the nature”, Svendborg Denmark.


Regatta Silkeborg - Fireworks photo exhibition in the VIP Lounge.


Local photo exhibition in Sinding Denmark.


Participating in “Cosmos”  - an international exhibition. The Art Centre Silkeborg Bad.

This photo contribution is a “down to Earth” view or concept of the great cosmos.

More a visual scientifical - than philosophical point of view.


Dental work.

A theme exhibition of 24 photos, somehow related to the dentist or dental technician.

Mostly micrographs and crystals.


The Atmosphere Exposed: Photographs of Halos, Mirages, Iridescent Clouds,… & More!

The June 2010 juried exhibition opens in conjunction with the International Light and Color in the Open Air Conference being hosted on the campus of St. Mary’s College of Maryland USA.

Boyden Gallery and Fine Art Collection.          The jury selected these 6 submissions:


Photo exhibition Sabro Kunstforening (Sabro Art Club Denmark)

Nature - near and far.

The colors and shapes of nature, from the nearest snow crystals, over the atmospheric light phenomena, to the farthest objects in the univers.

Competitions and Awards


Nominated as one of five finalists in “Compelling Imagery” category in the first ever

CNN iReport Award. In 2010 CNN received 150.000 iReports. See the aurora video. link


National Science Foundation USA

will be hosting the exhibition The Atmosphere Exposed: 

Photographs of Halos, Mirages, Iridescent Clouds… and More!  

from January-March 2012.


Photo exhibition Grønbechs Gård Bornholm, from may 27th. to july 18th. 2012.

Grønbechs Gård - Centre of Arts and Crafts of Bornholm - is a unique exhibition and culture house at Hasle. Grønbechs Gård is located in an old merchant house built in the 1890s and its 1.500 m2 is after a total restoration worth a visit.


Nikon Small World Competition.

This year's contest drew entrants from a record 63 countries, as well as from a diverse range of academic and professional disciplines. Winners came from such fields as chemistry, biology, materials research, botany, and biotechnology.

A photomicrograph is a technical document that can be of great significance to science or industry. But a good photomicrograph is also an image whose structure, color, composition, and content is an object of beauty, open to several levels of comprehension and appreciation.

The Nikon Small World Competition is open to anyone with an interest in photography through the microscope. Truly international in scope, entries have been received from the United States, Canada, Europe, Australia, Latin America, Asia, and Africa. Winners have included both professionals and hobbyists.

The Nikon Small World Gallery gives you a glimpse into a remarkable world that most have never seen. It is a window into a universe that can only be seen through the lens of a microscope. For the past 36 years, Nikon has sponsored the international Small World Competition, the world's foremost forum for recognizing excellence in photography with the optical microscope.

Huge frost crystal

       Photo exhibition, “Astrodage i Kjellerup” November 2014

       Wall Art at Ryparken Station Copenhagen 2015